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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Finally- the yard's mowed!

Get off my back already, I got it done! It would have been easier to airlift in brother Tim's goats for a Utah vacation, but I got it done the normal way, with the Murray.

Seriously, my back yard was a real mess, it hasn't been mowed until today. The front yard has been kept under control with a number of applications of said Murray but somehow the backyard kept getting overlooked. Between studying for class, and finals, and Noah working part time as well as going to Job Corp every day, it just couldn't seem to get done. And the incessant rain hasn't helped at all.

Anyway, I was stymied from installing the replacement motor in the Escort today by the lack of a seal that is apparently a dealer only item, so I mowed instead. First I had to modify the mower and create some brackets so I could install the grass deflector that came with the machine but never fit before. After getting that bit of fabrcation accomplished, I mowed the yard with thw wheels set on full-high.

It was a real chore.

The grass was easily as tall as the top of the mower, if that gives you any idea. But, I cut it all down into long hay rows with the mower in the deflector configuration, returned it to its normal, bagger configuration, set the wheels to the normal height, and mowed the second time...

I filled a 90 gallon trash can with the clippings!

Yeah, I tired. But I'm showered and cleaned up and drinking beer. And Pizza Hut will be here shortly!

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